How To Make More Money Online


Many of us are in business online and using social media, as well as email marketing, SMS text messages and a range of other online activities. Yet, we are not seeing results.

We are spending a lot of time online and not making connections, not sharing offers or attracting new business online – this is perhaps something we need to look at.

6 Key points to consider to improve your online marketing 

  1. Use your statistics to tell you what is happening. Engagement and Visibility and Conversions are important
  2. Where are you showing up? For example: groups, your personal page, email
  3. Is there a routine for posting or a content schedule?
  4. You don’t have a paid or free lead magnet to help generate leads
  5. Try and obtain social proof that you can share.  Get feedback
  6. Engage more online.

Take a look at the YouTube video below and let us know in the comments how you found the post!

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