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“I started insight2marketing on a budget of £100, and have raised it from it’s very roots to the company it is today, whilst also raising my 4 children. I totally get that sometimes we wear a number of hats and feel overwhelmed. I also appreciate some of us are more in love with marketing than others, and wanted to create a company that could really help businesses unlock their true potential. No bells, no whistles, just a results orientated approach to make best use of your time and budget. That is the insight2marketing way”

Vee Roberts, award-winning brand and marketing consultant, mentor and international Speaker.


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  • You can download all the free business courses and webinars you want but, ultimately if you want REAL results, it’s likely to take more than courses and free content. 
And, if you want to see REAL results, it’s super important that you know what you’re doing in your business and why. And that you know (if you manage a team) what is happening in your business also.

How have your results been so far this year? 
ALWAYS GET CLARITY if you’re unsure of what you should be doing

Ps - Ensure that any “experts” you’re investing in can help you achieve the ACTUAL outcomes you want

Running your business requires action. Consistent action. 
Get help if you need it.
Make sure you’re ready to take action. 
Direct message me now for help or advice!
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  • Being in a pleasant and calm environment can help you gain clarity and propel your business 
Always make sure you have the right energies around you. Sometimes we can spend too much time around toxic people and situations 💯 
Don’t let anyone hold you back! Keep going

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  • BRANDING TIPS: Chocoholics love chocolate and there are so many different flavours and brands to choose from. Perhaps you don’t even like chocolate at all.

What I want you take away from this image post, is that - just like there are different brands of chocolate - there are different types of business owners with different brand personalities that offer similar products to yours. 
So what makes your brand different?? It is the brand experience (e.g. flavour, taste, texture, labelling, packaging etc) is what makes each individual brand/flavour of chocolate unique.

Understand what your flavour and experience is! That’s what will give you the edge 👉Need help working on your brand and targeting, then send a message to this page now!
  • Networking - how often do you go out and meet new people? 
Met some lovely ladies in business today! 
Connecting with women who mean business
  • Who are you as a brand? What is your brand story?
👉 LIVE REPLY VIDEO @insight2marketing  now

How are you connecting with customers and potential clients? 
How would you describe yourself ?

Your brand story needs to connect with your target market(s). There are many ways you can do this. We’ll be doing a masterclass on this in the Action Takers Membership Group this month : click the link for more details
  • En route to a training session, I rarely look the part. As a busy mother of 4 (with 2 children aged 7 and 4), I typically get smartly dressed on arrival. 
It’s funny how many people make assumptions about you faced on outward appearance! 
It’s nice to surprise people by sharing your knowledge and striking up intellectual conversations 
I had 3 very interesting business conversations with people on my travels outside of the UK this weekend

It all starts with a smile and a conversation 👉 One lady who wanted to know how she could be more visible in her business as a creative coach 👉 A man who teaches music, considering becoming a private tutor 👉 A personal trainer who was doing training and now does hair (because she could not attract the right type of clients)

Some interesting conversations were had. And I have given them plenty of brand/marketing tips too!  One of the ladies was from Brent and I was able to give her a very useful contact for her upcoming project.

All in a day’s work!

This is why I rarely judge a book by its cover because I know people make a lot of incorrect assumptions! Also reminds me why personal branding and dress sense is important lol! 👉 Have you ever experienced this? 
#business #marketing
  • 🏖This newsletter is packed with tips for your Summer! Click the blue website link in the bio for more! 🏖

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  • In this short video, Vee shares some ideas around how you can balance business over the summer holidays ☀️ #solopreneur #startups #businesswomen #motherhood #summer #vacay #timemanagement #businesstravel #vacay #creativebusiness #coach #mumpreneur #women #workfromhome #freelance #parenting #parentpreneur
  • Monday mood: Let whoever say whatever! 🚗 Stay focused on your goals and keep it moving. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you came here to do 💁🏽‍♀️ Live in the moment. Love freely but most important, stay focused on your own goals. 
When it comes to business, be sure to get clarity on what you need to do. It will save you so much time!! I wasted 18months of my business doing a lot of things “without business sense”. A lot has changed #StillBuilding ✍🏽 LINK IN @insight2marketing bio for tips
  • Caption this 😂 - I’ll start with something brand/marketing related ⤵️ #silly #weird #business #boss #businesswomen #Eagle #leadership #pigeon #smallbusiness #startups #mindset #lol #growthstrategy #eventprofs #eventplanner #weekend #comedy #laugh #smile
  • Once you know who you’re targeting you can connect and engage with them. This makes your marketing so much easier

Who is your target audience

Are you stuck on targeting? 
Request part 1 of my Free targeting video series & video “part 2” drops this weekend 
Subscribe now to the YouTube channel and then you’ll receive a notification when it drops 🔔🙌 #businesstips #marketing 👉 HELPFUL TIPS IN THE BLUE WEBSITE LINK in @insight2marketing @insight2social pages

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  • 3 Breakfast meetings over & lots of chat with creative business owners! I love what I do 👉 Newsletter has just landed with tons of branding tips & a video you’ll love. Message me for your copy! ↗️ Tips in blue bio link

That’s my day finished! Time for me to prep for tonight 🙌 busy weekend ahead 
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