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“I started insight2marketing on a budget of £100, and have raised it from it’s very roots to the company it is today, whilst also raising my 4 children. I totally get that sometimes we wear a number of hats and feel overwhelmed. I also appreciate some of us are more in love with marketing than others, and wanted to create a company that could really help businesses unlock their true potential. No bells, no whistles, just a results orientated approach to make best use of your time and budget. That is the insight2marketing way”

Vee Roberts, award-winning brand and marketing consultant, mentor and international Speaker.


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  • Make decisions based on where your business is heading. Below are some tips from @insight2marketing

Thinking small (when you want to do big things) , isn't sensible

Here are some quick tips if you struggle in this area ➡️ Get clarity on what and why you want to do this
➡️ Set a deadline in which to make your mind up
➡️ DO YOUR OWN research
➡️ Be objective
➡️ Understand what happens if you don't do it
➡️ List the pros and cons
➡️ Stick to your decision and take action

And remember to surround yourself around people that want to see you grow

Would you add anything else?
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  • When you invest in an "expert" if you're on a small budget PLEASE do your checks before you invest in anyone's business

ASK QUESTIONS before you invest in your next expert

If you're going to take advice from someone make sure that it makes sense to you ➡️ Does it add up? Did they get the results? ➡️ Are they worth the money & how can they help you achieve your goals?
➡️ How will their way of working support you in your goals?
➡️ Did they do what they claim they did? And if so, where is the evidence? ➡️ What do their new and previous clients say? 
Credibility matters if you have a small budget

My group coaching gets underway in just a few weeks

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#mumpreneur #walkmytalk #credibility #IGetResults
  • Notebook at my side! Sipping on a pina colada ❤️😁 Days like this ❤️ Plenty of days off for @insight2marketing

Enrolling new clients this month so a spot of admin on Monday and a few bits  2020 planning to complete

InspireUrbiz Antigua and Barbuda 2020 is looking like a movie right now!
. #mumboss
#femaleleaders.#travelvlogger #womenwhotravel #globalnetworking #onlinebusiness #businesstip #mumpreneur #blackowned #marketingexpert #businessplan
  • Why are you on social media - hopefully to nurture relationships and make new connections? But what is your strategy

A few photos in between breaks! Special thanks to @foundationalhalo also for having me

Born to do this! Great feedback from today's session & Thank you for attending everyone!

Ps InspireUrbiz March 2020 tickets available now online @inspireUrBiz @insight2social  #businesstips #onlinemarketing #caribbeanbusiness #businessonline #marketingexpert #brandingexpert #aski2m
  • It's a balancing act BUT..... I wouldn't change a thing.

If you'd have told me 6+ years ago I could run my business on automation and my mobile phone.... I wouldn't have believed you

There was a time when I was bullied at work for asking for flexible working or wanting to come in late or take time off at short notice. It was so frustrating,😒 aside from the fat pay cheque little excited me. 
Right now, I'm so grateful for my clients, family and friends

TIPS FOR YOUR BUSINESS on the blue link @insight2social @insight2marketing

Group coaching clients hold tight. We're soon changing gears
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  • Traditional methods of marketing still work! A lot of us are focused on shiny methods but don't ignore methods that could be perfect for your business

4 of my 121 coaching clients this year created an offline strategy that has:, ➡️ SAVED them money ➡️ INCREASED SALES and helped them penetrate new global markets, and ➡️ APPLIED  a new strategy that is RELEVANT to their business objectives

Do you have a brand/marketing strategy that works for you

If you're not getting results yet, it could be because youre not yet clear on your business growth strategy or some other area of your business (target audience? 🤔 and how to promote)

Almost 9 months into 2019 ➡️ How are your results looking? Message me now if you need clarity. I have something for the real action takers out here

Let's do business
#onlinemarketing #onlineshop #businessmum #socialmediatips #startupbusiness #womenwhotravel
  • Having a budget makes a big difference! ➡️ Business tip ↘️ Set a budget for your marketing so you know how much you can spend on promotional activity 😁Loving it! #BirthdayFun on the beach 
Tips on the website on the blue link @insight2social @insight2marketing

If you're in Antigua : places near capacity for my #socialmedia Masterclass at Government House with @foundationhalo this Wednesday 14th Aug 2019 10am to midday (Ps smudged mascara alert)
#antiguaandbarbuda #antiguabarbuda #caribbeanbusiness #businesscoach #onlinebusiness #smallbusinessowner #strategy #salestips #barbuda
  • How much time do you spend working on your business promotional activities? How much time each week do you spend on this? Sales relate to promotional activities and your brand - so remember to ➡️Make time for this 
Dreams won't work unless you do some work. Simple!

Link in bio for tips & see also ➡️

#mondaymotivation #brandstrategy #marketingplan #smallbusinesstips
  • “In life, remember this: what is for you will not pass you by. You are your own competition, stay focused on what you’re here to do!” 😁 Brand!/Marketing tips in the blue website link @insight2marketing .
#antiguaandbarbuda #business #smallbusinessowner #mondaymotivation #businesstips #businesswomen #londoner #fempreneur #mompreneur #businesswoman #bosslady #caribbeanwomen #caribbean #business
  • CREATE CAMPAIGNS & GROW YOUR BUSINESS 🙋🏽‍♀️Quick tip for you and your #business : try and integrate what you’re doing online and offline so that there’s  a consistent recognisable theme in your brand and marketing efforts.

A well thought out campaign pulls it all together so it’s more joined up and organised - giving you better results

If you’re promoting your biz using more than one marketing tactic, remember to consider how it looks when pieced together

For example: your website (or webpage) messaging, social media, articles, emails, interviews, paid ads, printed flyers etc.  Are they running individually using different messaging and images and colours etc. Or are they working towards the same objectives, as a strategic campaign ? 
Bring it all together into a campaign that is delivered ongoing or over a fixed period is what gets BEST results

Consider your: 👉 Messaging and time 👉 Artwork and visuals 👉 Clear and realistic promotional objectives 
If you need help with this or want to work with me on a marketing plan or promotional strategy, join me for my Masterclass in September (👆click link for details)  2019 #business #coach .
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  • Best way to enjoy running your own business is to carve out a business that works for you on your terms ➡️ TIPS on IGTV channel @insight2social
@insight2marketing .
 #businesswomen #solopreneur #womenwhotravel #mumbosslife
  • The level up is about you versus you. Not you versus them! ➡️ Business Tips in the bio link above ➡️ Cheers

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